Our profile consists of all employees. It is therefore expected that everyone acts loyally and responsibly towards the company, the clients and the partners in our activities. We treat confidential material internally and externally with the necessary discretion.

Human rights / accountability:

We do not accept child labour, forced labour and discrimination. We do not tolerate the use of child labour and forced labour from our partners. 


We do not exercise discrimination arising from gender, race, skin colour, religion or belief, roguish opinion, sexual orientation, national origin, social origin, ethic origin, age or disability. We do not exercise discrimination in connection to hiring, dismissal, promotion, wage determination, determination of working conditions or staff development. All decisions regarding the above is based on relevant and objective criterias. 

Business principles:

None of the JMV Cables employees give or receive unjustified benefits from Danish or foreign public officials or employees in the private sector. We are familiar with and respect the rules of corruption.